About Us

White Rose is a wholesale flower distributor. We offer premium high-quality flowers at unbeatable prices with excellent service.

We want our customers to save time! Our customers can pre-purchase their flowers and supplies online. And pick up their order on their arrival date. We also make sure our "In the Cooler" inventory is up to date! So that you can purchase flowers and pick them up Same Day without having to call and ask if a flower is available.

Our doors are also always open for our customers to walk in and select flowers from our walk-in cooler. We know quality is essential for the success of our florist customers. We work hard to source our high-quality fresh flowers from the best farms across the world. Including right here at home in Ontario. We also always have a selection of discounted flowers.

Our distribution center is easy to access. We are next to Highway 404 and Steeles Ave in the Greater Toronto Area.